About us

T. S. Elliott is the team that started the KING COCONUT LODGE in Sri Lanka.

Torsten Schmidt has found access to this beautiful country by taking over a sponsorship for a then 4-year-old Sinhala girl on the edge of the Civil War Area.

Annette Elliott was also fascinated by the journeys that led to the idea of spending more time in Sri Lanka at some point.

As a result, our dream came true, the KING COCONUT LODGE.

Until we have the opportunity to stay longer in the lodge, we give you the opportunity to rent the lodge or one of its 4 apartments and enjoy the land and its people.


The King Coconut Lodge was purposely built a bit away from the beach to give you the opportunity to directly enjoy the diverse fauna and flora of Sri Lanka.

Away from the noisy coastal road and the railway line, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature in a tropical garden and relax completely.

The idea of choosing this plot of land also played a role in the case of a tsunami for our guests to have a slightly lower risk compared to a direct beach location.

During the construction of the lodge, care was taken to use high-quality and non-harmful materials instead of the usual asbestos roof in Sri Lanka.

To protect nature, we use a photovoltaic system to produce clean electricity.


King Coconut Lodge is a non-smoking property. Outside you have the opportunity to smoke.

The use of the pool and the Jacuzzi is at your own risk. The water depth in the pool is 1.80 m. For toddlers, there is an area to stand and play with about 30 cm water depth.

The kitchen is designed as a common kitchen; Crockery and cutlery and a fridge are available. In addition, it serves the staff to prepare the breakfast.